he Brutal Truth: Impact of Formalin cosmetic-based Products On Skin, on one's health, inhalation

Today in this article I'm going to walk us through to the impact of formalin cosmetic-based products on the skin.

Cosmetic products or Beautifying agents are blend of various sorts of synthetic concoctions and plant materials. 

The synthetic compounds are engineered, and research demonstrated that not all of these synthetic chemicals are skin well disposed of. They were found to cause skin inflammation, irritation, allergic reactions, skin aging, chronic and acute dermatitis. 

Nonetheless, few cosmetic makers were found to incorporate one of these synthetic chemicals in their beauty care products so as to expand benefit, overlooking the health hazard of these substances.

This is the motivation behind why I chose to gather the well-being effect of one of these synthetic concoctions on the skin. 

If you need to realize the well-being effect of formalin, read this article as far as possible.


Skin is one of the vital sense organ of the body, which covers the whole body. It protects the body from attack by chemicals, carcinogens, excessive solar radiations, and electromagnetic wave radiations. However, excessive contact of skin with chemicals like formalin and radiations were proved to be damaging to the skin cells. They were found to destroy the cellular components of the skin,  and they are the real culprits behind many diseases like breast cancer, skin aging, allergies, and irritations.

What is Formalin And how does it Affect Skin?

Formalin is an aqueous form of formaldehyde, a chemical synthesized from methanol by simple oxidation. Formalin or formaldehyde is widely used as a preservative agent and because of the affordability of this chemical many cosmetic products manufacturers are now using formalin to preserve their products. However, research showed that formalin has negative effects on the skin:

According to the agency for toxic substances and diseases Registry, skin exposure to formaldehyde solutions may cause gradual discomfort and irritations which in severe cases result in Corneal Opacification and loss of vision.

Moreover, in a study conducted by M. Elsher et al. (2017), on the toxic effects of formalin-treated cadaver on medical students, staff members and workers in the Alexandria faculty of medicine showed that all the students were affected by the formalin toxicity, which is manifested by skin irritations. While the staff members and workers were affected by the chronic effect of formalin.

Inhalation of formalin through a nose or gradual absorption through skin were found to cause respiratory and reproductive problems such as asthma, lethality, breast cancer, infertility, and so on.

According to report found by agency for toxic substances and diseases Registry, ingestion of formalin as little as 30ml (1oz) of a solution containing 37% formaldehyde has been reported to cause death in an adult. 


• Formalin is a very harmful chemical on the skin.
• This chemical can promote malignant cell growth.
• Formalin was found to cause skin aging.
• It was also found to affect the reproductive and respiratory pathways or organs, causing various diseases such as infertility, lethality, and asthma.
•In order for one to stay safe: you need to consult your doctor before you decide to use any beauty care product, check the labels and ingredients, recipes from which the cosmetic products are made or buy your cosmetic products from trusted brands.

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