Ever wonder the benefits of herbal body scrubs on the skin?

Herbal plants are a reservoir of many essential phytochemical compounds such as Vitamin E, flavonoids, terpenoids, antioxidants, saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids ( such as omega-6 fatty acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, Omega-3 fatty acid ), which are essential for the growth and regeneration of dead skin cells, removal of acne scars, prevention of malignant cell growth, reduction of free radicals and nourishment of skin cells.

With so many endogenous and exogenous factors in and out of the body, attacking your skin from different angles like the real-life enemies, Incorporating herbal body scrub to the list of your beauty care items will be a great addition that will help you reduce your skin worries.

In this article, I have focused on providing you with information about:

>Benefits of herbal body scrub

> Procedures to make a DIY homemade body scrub

> How to Use or scrub your body with Herbal body scrub

Benefits Of Herbal Body Scrubs That You May Be Glad To Know

    Benefits of Herbal Body Scrubs

    Herbal body scrubs are body scrubs which are made from pure plant materials 

    with one or two organic abrasive substances such as sugar. This type of body 

    scrub is used for ages to reveal the natural look of skin and for treatment in 

    ayurvedic medicine.

    The human skin undergoes a set of biological changes throughout the course of

    life, because of physiological and external responses.

    And both of these factors interchange with one overlapping the other during a 

    person's lifetime, leading to the dysfunction of the skin's natural self-protection 

    mechanism and repair capability.

    And therefore, in order to stay healthy and beautiful as you age, this delicate 

    sense organ (skin ) requires an effective and proper supportive care.

    According to the study made by Dumas and  his team, they found that herbal 

    body scrubs reduce age-related changes and counter the effects of 

    environmental attacks by exfoliating dead skin cells from the skin epidermal layer.

    This exposes the newly formed skin cells to the surface of the epidermis, thereby 

    enhancing skin cells regeneration in the subcutaneous layer.

    Moreover, as a person ages, the nature of dermal tissues is affected by the 

    progressive alignment of collagenous fibers into a large bundles. Sweat 

    production in the sweat gland also decreases as a result of the reduction in the 

    number of active sweat glands during aging.

    It was also found that during aging, blood flow decreases in the microvessels,  

    and the natural sloughing of older skin cells from the skin becomes very hard, 

    turning skin into a dull, thick skin with less tone.

    And according to the study made by Ostacolo and his team in 2007, while 

    assessing skin exfoliation after a topical pretreatment using a TEWland skin  

    Elasticity by in-vivo non-invasive methods, it was found that exfoliating skin with 

    formulation containing active skin nutrients and moisturizers  is especially 

    effective for prematurely-aged and mature skin, which stimulates natural cell regeneration.

    On a physical level, exfoliating your body with herbs such as Teas ( Black, 

    Green, White, Red), Chamomile, Coffee, and Coffeeberry can help stimulate the 

    skin, eliminate toxins, more efficiently, and remove dead skin cells.

    According to one study, topical application of Soy can help reduce

    hyperpigmentation, enhance skin elasticity, control oil production, moisturize the 

    skin and delay hair regrowth.

    Another effective plant that can be used in herbal body scrub is a German Chamomile.

    This plant has been used throughout history to treat various skin diseases such as cancers, inflammation, urticaria, and aging.

    In one study, it was found that Chamomile contains flavonoids, terpenoids, 
    mucilages monosaccharides and oligosaccharides.

    These phytochemical compounds exhibit antiinflammatory activities, promote 
    wound healing, moisturize skin, lower skin Prurities, prevent ameliorate skin 
    texture and diminish the signs of photodamage.

    Additionally, while identifying the antioxidant properties of some selected herbs, 
    which include Chamomile, through chemical assays, it was found that Chamomile prevents the oxidation of some essential biomolecules by free radicals in the body.

    Additionally, Caffeine is an active phytochemical compound, which is found in 
    Coffee and some other plants.

    Several studies showed that caffeine possesses both antioxidant and carcinogenic activities.

    In one study, it was found that topical treatment of caffeine prevents
    carcinogenesis and enhance apoptosis in sunburn cells of hairless SKH-1, UVB-
    pretreated mice.

    Main Points

    A body scrub which is made from pure organic materials is safe to use on the 

    And the amount of sugar added to the scrub increases the exfoliating nature of 
    the scrub, which effectively helps to remove dead skin cells.

    The dead skin cells make skin appear somehow dull and lifeless. And with the 
    use of right organic herbal body scrubs, this dull and lifeless skin will be removed 
    naturally, and then give a new life to the dull lifeless skin, leaving the skin 
    refreshed, silky smooth, soft and young-looking skin.

    Herbal body scrub promotes skin cells regeneration, stimulate blood flow in the 
    body and fight against malignant cell growth.

    And because the body scrub allows blood flow in the body:

    i. This makes the scrub to help unclog skin pores, which allows proper passage 

    of air in and out of skin ( vasodilation and vasoconstriction).

    ii. This also helps to kill harmful microorganisms that are living beneath or above 

    the dermal layer of skin.

    Herbal supplements or body scrubs are also high in antioxidants, which make 
    them good to prevent the body from the effect of free radicals and malignant cells growth.

    They are used for the treatment of skin acne, burns, rashes, and scabies.

    How to Make A Homemade DIY Herbal Body Scrub

    To make a DIY homemade herbal body scrub, the following ingredients are required:


    i. 1 cup of organic sugar

    ii. 1/2 Carrier oil such as coconut oil and olive oil

    iii. 1 cup of your chosen ground dried or fresh herbs

    iv. 2-3% essential oils

    From the above sample of herbal body scrub, you can generate different types of 
    DIY homemade body scrubs recipes.

    For example, assuming you want to make a herbal body scrub using dried Chamomile flower, coconut oil, and sandalwood essential oil.

    Then, you are going to use 1 cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of coconut oil, 5-12 drops of 
    sandalwood essential oil, and 1 cup of your ground dried chamomile flower.

    The recipe will look like this:

    1. 1 cup sugar

    2. 1/2 cup coconut oil

    3. 1cup ground dried chamomile flower

    4. 5-12 drops of sandalwood essential oil.

    Procedures To Make Herbal Body Scrub

    Measure out your sugar into a clean container, and one cup of ground chamomile 
    flower to the container, then followed by half a cup of coconut oil and 5 or 12 drops of sandalwood essential oil.

    Mix the ingredients very well, until everyone is thoroughly combined with one another.

    Transfer the scrub into a clean container with lid and keep it far away from reach 
    of children.

    How To Use or Scrub Your Body With Herbal Body Scrub

    To apply or scrub your body with herbal body scrub; use a clean towel soaked in lukewarm water.

    Moisten your body with this towel. This allows your skin to soften, which makes it easy for scrubbing.

    Apply the herbal body scrub on your body by lightly massaging your skin with the herbal body scrub.

    Leave the scrub on your body for about 30 minutes before taking a shower.


    We hope that this article was of excellent help to you in understanding the 

    benefits of herbal body scrubs, how to make a body scrub and procedures to scrub your body.

    If you decide to use essential oils in your body scrubs, make sure you do a patch test. This will help you to know whether the essential oil is a good fit for your skin.

    We would love listening to your view about the benefits of herbal body scrubs.
    So, do write to us in the comment section below.


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