The following are among the 5 most common mistakes people 

with rosacea make in their skin-care routines:

These are the 5 most common mistakes people with rosacea make in their skin-care routines
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Around 415 million people in the world have rosacea. That’s a 

pretty large number of the population that deals with one of the 

most confusing and frustrating skin conditions ever.  It’s 

sometimes hard to treat properly, because well, it’s hard to tell if 

you even have rosacea in the first place.

“A lot of people don’t know what’s making their skin inflamed, so 

they could be doing the wrong thing in their skin-care regimens, 

which inflames the rosacea even more,” according to Sonya Dakar, 

celebrity facialist. It’s very hard to point out or diagnose rosacea 

because, first of all, many different things can bring it on and cause 

a flare-up. “Rosacea comes from several things: Genetics is 

number one,”  as Sonya says. “Number 2 is mode, and the third is 

the wrong ingredients coming into contact with the skin.” It can 

also be caused by certain foods or even stress, added Rachel 

Nazarian, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York. 

“Rosacea is a sensitive skin condition, and most notably it can be 

flared by a small shift in skin pH,” she says.

Whether the acne is revelation within the kind of pimples, redness, 

dryness, blotchiness, irritation, or stinging inflammation in 

general, treating it is all about using TLC and not going into 

combat with your harshest skin-care products.

“Rosacea is inflamed skin, so you need to be anti-inflammatory 

with your regimen, and really protect, balance, and nourish the 

skin,” says Dakar, who formulated her macadamia and evening 

primrose-rich Blue Butterfly Balm, specifically for her clients with 

rosacea. So while you’re using the most gentle regimen—Dr. 

Nazarian recommends using only sensitive skin-friendly, fragrance-

free products—and trying your best to stick to an anti-

inflammatory diet, avoid the most common mistakes that Dakar 

and Dr. Nazarian see people make when dealing with rosacea 

conditions, as they are discussed below:

Using Heat

Heat and rosacea can't be combined in one place. “Avoid super-hot 

showers, and don’t go into a steam or sauna, because it makes 

broken capillaries in the skin expand,” says Dakar. Even heat in 

your diet can trigger an acne occurrence, and this is the reason why 

Dakar says to avoid spicy food, which can stimulate blood 

circulation a, “sending heat to your skin and your face.” So, 

advisably stay calm, cool, and collected for the sake of a happy 


Drinking caffeine and/or alcohol

Caffeine, like spicy food, also stimulates your blood circulation, 

which can lead to irritation and redness of your skin, according to 

Dakar. “You can have one cup, but watch your intake,” she says. 

“Alcohol does a similar thing, which can make your face red and 


Washing With Harsh Cleansers

“Using a cleanser that is too harsh or even using a product that is 

too drying may cause a flare in rosacea and increase 

inflammation,” says Dr. Nazarian. Dakar recommends skipping 

harsh foaming cleansers or those with sulfates, and instead use a 

milk-based cleanser “that’s packed with good ingredients to calm 

the skin.”

 Oatmeal bath, which is known as a trusty skin-soother. “Oil-based 

cleansers are tremendous for somebody that tends to be additional 

dry,” says Dakar. “Look for fatty acids that help nourish the skin.”

Over-exfoliating Your Skin

Just because you have rosacea doesn’t mean you have to 

completely avoid exfoliating your body, but care needs also to be 

taken. “Everybody needs to exfoliate their skin,” says Dakar. 

Avoid strong acids (like glycolic or BHAs) or any rough abrasive 

scrubs (Dr. Nazarian goes against the view that you should avoid 

physical face scrubs). “I’d advise to use something that’s acid-free

—just lightly chemically exfoliate, but make sure the exfoliant is 

hydrating your skin at the same time,” she added, there is no need 

to use an exfoliant, which contains hyaluronic acid in it. “You 

might conjointly use a heated towel to terribly gently exfoliate 

your skin.”

To be on the safer side, I recommend staying away from 

exfoliating your skin for sometimes, leave it till you feel better.

If you want to add sense to your skin, use body moisturizers that 

contain organic ingredients. These products can also help you treat 

your rosacea.

Not Using Enough Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from the sun is important no matter what 

types of skin conditions you’re dealing with, and not only rosacea.

Facialist stresses the importance of correct sun protection all the 

time. “Wear a hat and long sleeves if you’re going to be out in the 

Sun,” she says.

These are the most common skin-care mistakes most people with 

rosacea make all the time according to facialists. And these are the 

steps to follow to treat rosacea safely.

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