In this article, I am going to focus on providing you information about "how long do eyelash extensions last" plus some useful tips and trips that will help stay safe when you apply an eyelash extension.

Short and brief answer: eyelash extensions normally last 2 to 4 weeks. But, if you need tips and tricks on how to start and stay safe with eyelash extensions, then you will love this guide.

How long eyelash extensions last depend on how your natural eyelashes grow and how you personally take care of your lash extensions.

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Generally, both eyelash and hair follow different stages of the growth cycle: these are the anagen, catagen, telogen, and neogen.

anagen: this is the most active stage of the eyelash growth cycle, and is the phase where rapid eyelashes lengthening and division take place.

catagen: catagen is called a transition phase. It connects the anagen and telogen phases. It is the stage where all active eyelash growth stops.

telogen: this is commonly called the resting stage of the eyelash. In this phase, your natural eyelashes will begin to fall out naturally. This allows or provides space for new and fresh eyelashes to form.

neogen: this is the last phase of the eyelash growth cycle. The neogen is the stage where new and fresh eyelashes begin to grow after the telogen or resting phase so that they will occupy the space left by the fallen eyelashes.

The moment your eyelashes reach the resting period, the eyelashes will naturally begin to fall out individually on their own. So, when there are eyelash extensions attached to them, they fall out at the same time with lash extensions.

However, it is important to know that each and every person has a different eyelash growth cycle. These differences are due to the differences in genetic makeup, environmental factors, and other physiological factors.

But, in most cases, you should be expecting a turnover of your eyelashes every 5 to 8 weeks.

According to most professional eyelash extensions technicians and beauty stylists, lash extensions should be filled at least between 2 to 3 weeks after application.

This helps prevent you from infectious diseases and individual eyelash extensions breakage.

Other factors that determine how long your eyelash extensions will last is the nature and quality of the eyelash extensions. Some are eyelash extensions that are heavier than the others. And so a little drop of water on the lash extensions glue can make the glue to lose its adhesive nature.

In general, quality eyelash extensions normally tend to last longer when compared with less quality eyelash extensions.

The following factors can also greatly influence how far your eyelash extensions will last:

  • the expertise of the lash extensions technicians
  • quality of the lash extensions primers and glue
  • your personal care

    How to take care of your eyelash extensions

    Natural eyelashes do not all fall out at the same time. They do normally fall out individually. This is why it is always important to choose a specific time schedule for eyelash extensions refilling.

    This helps provide uniformity by preventing fall out of individual eyelash extension.

    Most eyelash extensions fans are advised to get eyelash extensions refilling every 2, 3 to 4 weeks after application.

    However, this mainly depends on the time you have on hand and the money.

    But in general, by the third to fourth weeks, you are expected to refill your lash extensions.

    This is recommended by most medical care professionals, lash extensions technicians, and beauty stylists.

    And the primary aim of this recommendation is to prevent the risk of infectious diseases, dirt build-up, and parasites' invention in your eyelashes. For example, lash lice.

    Be honest with your lash extensions and natural eyelashes. Do not use harsh cosmetics such as oil-based cleansers to wash your face. Instead, use a gentle cleanser like baby shampoo to wash the creeks and every corner of your eyelashes.

    These types of shampoo are proved to be gentle and safe on both natural eyelashes and lash extensions.

    They have mild antimicrobial benefits and they can easily remove dirt, excess oil, and makeup. They easily remove dirt and other unwanted build-up without causing damage to your eyelash extensions and natural eyelashes.

    And this helps protect your eyes from irritation, inflammation, infections, and parasites build up.

    Another important thing to take care of after eyelash extensions application is that, do not use an oil-based makeup remover to clean away makeup.

    Oil-based makeups weaken the adhesive bond between your natural eyelashes and lash extensions, and hence increase the chance of eyelash extensions fall out.

    Use oil-free makeup removers like Neutrogena Free oil makeup remover.

    Use tools like a disposal mascara wand and disposal lip wand to clean and remove the oil debris build-up.

    Never try to pull your lash extensions. Remember, this is not your natural eyelashes. Pulling your lash extensions will lead to eyelash extensions breakage and a bond between your eyelash extensions and natural eyelashes.

    If you are having a problem with your eyelash extensions do not pull or remove them, it is better to consult your doctor with your problem or have your eyelash extensions removed by a lash extensions technician.

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    The good part about eyelash extensions

    • they increase the thickness of eyelashes
    • they increase the length of your natural eyelashes
    • you don't need to spend money on mascara when you apply eyelash extensions
    • lash extensions make you appear gorgeous

    The bad part of lash extensions

    • time-consuming
    • money consuming
    • refilling lash extensions may sometimes be boring to some fans
    • there are too many rules and regulations 

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    Eyelash Extensions Before And After

    One important thing about eyelash extensions is that you don't need to worry about making up with mascara every morning, because your makeup is already half done when you apply eyelash extensions.

    Of course, there are some benefits when you fill your natural eyelashes with lash extensions, however, like with any other beauty products, this beauty trend is also not that exceptional. They have both pros and cons.

    For those that are just starting out, here are some few tips to help you start a successful journey:

    • never go to unreputable eyelash extensions salon
    • confirm from your doctor whether your eyelashes and eyes are good for the makeup
    • if possible, replace your eyelash extensions every 2 weeks

    One of the downsides of using lash extensions is that you have to upkeep after application. This means that you need to replace them regularly.

    This is called touch-up. And this touch up normally comes alongside money which starts from anywhere around $80 to $500.

    Another downside of lash extensions application is that you don't have the right to use makeup like you normally do.

    Things like mascara and oil-based cosmetic products leaving them is not optional.

    Despite, lash extensions can improve the look, thickness, and length of your natural eyelashes, lash extensions application need time, energy, money, and discipline.

    What is better eyelash extensions or false eyelashes?

    This totally depends on what you are looking for.

    Both eyelash extensions and false eyelashes have pros and cons.


    • they make you appear beautiful when apply correctly
    • they can make you appear like a queen
    • they can be used for at least two weeks
    • there is no need for you to be applying mascara every day


    • they are very expensive
    • regular application may be boring, time and money consuming 
    • they can damage your natural eyelashes and eyes
    • the lash extensions glue may bond together with your eyelashes
    • eyelash extensions glue may increase the chance of irritation and skin sensitivity
    • formaldehyde present in glue is very hazardous to the skin

    False eyelashes


    • unlike, lash extensions, false eyelashes can be removed during shower
    • they are simple and straightforward to use
    • they provide you with different options to choose from since they come in different sets
    • you don't need to book an appointment every two to three weeks


    • eyelash extensions can easily get access to your eyes
    • the magnet used for binding together the natural eyelashes and false eyelashes can cause irritation and skin sensitivity
    • you can easily misplace them
    • they can cause eyelashes baldness
    • they don't look like natural eyelashes, meaning they are easily detectable


    We hope this article gives you some useful tips on how long do eyelash extensions last. We would like to hear from you what you think about this guide in the comment section below.

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