Eyelash extensions before and after

Visualization and comparison are crucial, especially when you are about to make a final decision to fill your natural eyelashes with lash extensions. It is good to see eyelash extensions before and after pictures so that will help you visualize and compare the beauty trends whether they are worth the money and time investment.

Below are some of the sample pictures for lash extensions before and after:


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    Benefits Of Eyelash Extensions

    • Eyelash extensions are quite good especially when you have thin eyelashes. Lash extensions can make your natural eyelashes look longer, thicker and fluffy
    • Eyelash extensions can enhance your eyes and your look
    • Lash extensions can lift your natural eyelashes
    • Eyelash extensions can increase the length and volume of your natural eyelashes and these help draw people attention to your eyes
    • When you apply eyelash extensions, there is no need for you to put on mascara
    • Eyelash extensions, if applied properly by a trained and experienced lash extensions technician, they do not damage your natural eyelashes
    • Eyelash extensions can uplift beauty and general appearance
    • Eyelash extensions develop self-esteem and confidence

    Side effects of Eyelash Extensions

    Lash extensions got the benefits, however, the beauty trends also have a negative effects on the health of a fan. This is especially when done without expertise and some level of caution.

    That is why it is always important to find a reputable salon with licensed lash extensions technicians and with high level of hygiene.

    Putting these measures into considerations will help prevent you from possible side effects of eyelash extensions that can be caused by a lack of expertise and low-quality of eyelash extensions ingredients and equipments.

    Below are some of the common side effects of eyelash extensions even when applied correctly by a professional lash extensions technician:

    • Burning sensation
    • Eyes tearing
    • Redness of eyes
    • Inflammation
    • Irritation
    • Skin sensitivity
    • Allergic responses
    • Rashes, pain, and itching
    • Infections

    How to Take Care Of Eyelash Extensions

    Community questions and answers

    How Long Do Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Last?

    Hybrid eyelash extensions normally last at the same time with your natural eyelashes, which is around 3-5 weeks. But, in order to avoid your eyelash extensions from appearing patchy as they age, most lash extensions technicians normally recommend refilling at least 2-3 weeks after lash extensions filling.

    What Is the Difference Between Classic and Hybrid Eyelash Extensions?

    Should I Get Classic or Hybrid Lashes?

    If you get sufficient natural eyelashes, you may consider going for classic lashes. However, if you don't have fuller and thicker natural eyelashes, you may decide to go for hybrid eyelash extensions.

    Can You Get Mascara on Hybrid Lashes?

    You should not use mascara on your hybrid eyelash extensions, unless if it is made for that purpose. In the first place, eyelash extensions were brought to serve the purpose of mascara and to increase the thickness and length of thin eyelashes.

    The glue that bond the eyelash extensions to the eyelashes can be damaged by the oil in mascara.

    Can You Wear Eyeliner With Lash Extensions?

    Eyeliner is a good makeup that can boost your look and confidence. However, you can't combine liquid, cream, and pencil eyeliners with eyelash extensions. Oil-based liquid liners are not allowed to be used in combination with lash extensions because they can weigh down your eyelash extensions from natural eyelashes.

    Can I Use Makeup Wipes on Eyelash extensions?

    It is not recommended to use makeup wipes when you applied eyelash extensions. They contain oils, emollients, and glycols that lash extensions do not love which can make your lash extensions to fall out prematurely.

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