In this guide, I'm going to focus on providing you information on the different types of cosmetic surgery, their uses, and side effects.

Cosmetic surgery can simply be explained as a remodeling surgery of underlying tissues and muscles of skin to shade away from the scars, birth stretch marks and any sign of aging with the aim to improve the general appearance of the body.

In other words, cosmetic surgery is explained as a professional discipline aimed to reconstruct any facial and skin defects caused by birth disorders, injuries, burns, and diseases.

All the methods, principles and techniques behind cosmetic surgery are focused on improving the patient overall look.

For women, having a nice looking body shape and symmetry is everything. And cosmetic surgery is brought to serve the needs of those fashionable ladies.

Below are the main types of cosmetic surgery procedures commonly used in cosmetics:

  • Facial contouring
  • Body contouring
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Breast enhancement

    Types Of Cosmetic Surgery

    Breast augmentation: this is a type of cosmetic surgery that is mainly done to enlarge the size of the breast and to improve the shape of the breast.

    Breast augmentation is performed by placing a silicone or saline breast implants.

    The main reason for performing this type of cosmetic surgery is to improve the patient's natural breast by creating a well proportionate, symmetrical and beautifully appealing breast.

    Benefits of breast augmentation

    This type of cosmetic surgery procedure has claimed to help solve the following problems:

    • It recovers breast shape that is lost during pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • It helps bring self-confidence in women
    • Breast augmentation can provide women with self-esteem

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    Breast lift cosmetic surgery: this method of cosmetic surgery claimed to restore a filmer, erectile, and beautifully appealing and good looking breast.

    This type of cosmetic surgery is normally performed by older women, which their breast sagged due to aging.

    Benefits of breast lift

    This procedure of cosmetic surgery is said to help:

    • Restores sagged breast to youthful and swimsuit fit breast
    • Reshapes breast tissues and nipple into a more forward position
    • It enhances breast contour after weight loss

    Breast reduction: this is a form of cosmetic surgery where the large and heavy breast is reduced to a reasonable size and weight.

    This type of cosmetic surgery is primarily aimed to provide patients with a ready bra fit, swimsuit fit, and beautifully good looking and attractive breast.

    Benefits of breast reduction

    • It helps provide lighter and filmer breast
    • The procedure when done correctly and successfully allows the bra to fit comfortably and beautifully
    • It also helps provide good size breast
    • It provides stretch and erectile areola and nipple, making them look in a forward position

    Nose reshaping surgery or rhinoplasty: this is a type of cosmetic surgery where the nose of a patient is brought or resize totally with other parts of the face.

    It improves the architecture of the nose and thereby making the nose balance into a better position with other parts of the face.

    Benefits of rhinoplasty

    The cosmetic surgery procedure is said to be effective for solving the following problems:

    • It improves the crooked nose by stretching the nose totally in correct proportion with other parts of the face
    • It helps reshape the size of an over-protruding nasal tip
    • It helps solve respiratory problems by opening the nasal pathway

    Chin cosmetic surgery: the aim of this cosmetic surgery is to enhance the contour lines of the chin, jawline, and neck.

    The primary aim of this cosmetic surgery procedure is to proportionate the size and shape of chin into a more naturally appealing and balance position within the other facial parts by placing implants within chin bone.

    Benefits of chin cosmetic surgery

    • It improves the shape and size of a chin
    • It helps reduce chin doubling caused by a small chin bone

    Neck cosmetic surgery: this involves filming, refining, and smoothing of thickened, sagged and wrinkled through neck lift and liposuction.

    This type of cosmetic surgery procedure is done primarily to improve the general appearance of the neck and also to make the neck tally is a well-balanced proportion with other parts of the face.

    Benefits of neck cosmetics surgery

    • It provides a well-balanced jawline that shapes the rest of facial features
    • It helps improve the look of double chin

    Facelift cosmetic surgery: this is a surgical procedure where sagging tissues of the face are lifted and refined through restoration and removal of excess fat, sagging skin, deep facial tissues, and deep folds.

    Benefits of facelift surgery

    • A facelift can restore the naturally beautiful youthful facial look
    • It helps reduce wrinkled skin on the face, making you develop self-esteem

    Brow lift cosmetic surgery: this is a surgical procedure in cosmetic surgery that involves reducing excess sagged skin and reshaping, resizing, and repositioning of the underlying forehead tissues and muscles.

    Benefits of brow lift/ forehead surgery

    • It helps provide smoother forehead
    • It provides beautiful young appealing forehead contour
    • It also helps provide brighter and sense of alert to your eyes

    Eyelid cosmetic surgery: this is a type of cosmetic surgery where sagged and thickened that are below or above the eyelids are refined to give a more aesthetic appearance.

    Benefits of eyelid cosmetics surgery

    • It refreshes tired-looking eyes and eyelid
    • It helps reduce aging and puffiness around the eyelids

    Liposuction: Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves removing excess fat from the thigh.

    This is normally done by people who want to shortcut wright loss or want to lose weight fast.

    Benefits of liposuction

    • It reshapes your body
    • You can achieve a slim body fast

    Tummy tuck cosmetic surgery: this is one of the types of cosmetic surgery which involves tightening and refining abdominal muscles and tissues, thereby helping the patient to obtain a beautifully more attractive and slimmy tummy.

    Benefits of tummy tuck

    • It helps reduce excess abdominal fat
    • This type of surgery can help improve the appearance of your tummy and provide you with cloth fitting body

    Gynecomastia cosmetic surgery: this surgical procedure involves a reduction of male breasts that is enlarged through excess fat elimination and glandular tissues.

    Benefits of gynecomastia cosmetic surgery

    • It helps provide flat breast
    • It provides a nice and more balanced contour to the chest

    Botox® cosmetic surgery: Botox® cosmetic is an injectable neurotoxin which is primarily used to refine and smooth sagging and thickened skin through inhibiting nerve impulses to the muscles.

    Benefits of Botox® cosmetics

    • It helps relax muscles thickened by daily frowning, squinting, smiling and skin aging
    • It can help free your skin from dynamic wrinkles

    Laser resurfacing surgery: this is a type of cosmetic surgery that involves refining damaged outer layers of skin.

    Laser resurfacing removes dead skin cells and thereby improving fresh and healthy skin alongside revealing the young-looking skin underneath the epidermis.

    Benefits of laser resurfacing

    • It reveals young good looking skin cells that are beneath the epidermis
    • It reduces skin wear and tear

    Dermal fillers: this type of cosmetic surgery procedure involves injecting a gelatinous substances into the skin epidermis. Dermal fillers are mainly performed to bring back the lost volume and to tighten stretch marks and crease.

    Benefits of dermal fillers

    • Injectable fillers improve facial and body contours
    • It helps diminish fine lines on the skin
    • It improves lost volume around temples and cheeks
    • It provides balance among facial and body features

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     What Are The Effects Of Cosmetic Surgery?

    Due to the increasing demand for cosmetic surgery, different medical organizations have begun an in-depth and made an investigation into the positive and negative effects of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

    Recent studies on the negative effects of cosmetic surgery procedures have highlighted an increased risk of suicide between patients who went through breast contouring procedures.

    According to one study by Brinton and his team, it was found that patients underlying cosmetic implants have an increased rate of mortality due to brain cancer and suicide when compared with the general population.

    In a separate study made by Koot et al. on approximately 3500 Swedish women with prior breast contouring surgery also found an increased risk in mortality rate due to suicide.

    In an attempt to investigate why these women patients decide to undergo suicide, it was found that there is a clear and obvious difference between those women who undergo breast cosmetic surgery and the women who do not undergo.

    And therefore, this makes them feel like they are undervalued, substitute or have nothing to offer to society.

    And finally, they began to make this type of poor decision.

    According to one study by Fryzek et al., it was found that patients who went through cosmetic breast augmentation have low academic performance, high risk of abortion, fewer live births, early aging, and they are more prone to other breast diseases and are also more likely to be smokers of cigarette when compared with other women in general population.

    Additionally, other types of cosmetic surgery procedures were also found to be associated with or threatening to mental health.

    For instance, Sarwer et al. in their study of 132 women find a correlation between mental disorder and cosmetic surgery.

    In support of the above study, Vulink et al.found a similar incidence of body dysmorphic disorder ( this is a mental disorder characterized by a person having of incompleteness or defects in his or her appearance) in the outpatient's clinics of dermatology.

    Tips And Tricks on Cosmetic Surgery

    • It is important before undergoing cosmetic surgery to choose a professional and reputable surgeon
    • It is also important to have prior knowledge of cosmetic surgery before you decide to sacrifice your own life
    • Never involve yourselves in any cosmetic surveys with the aim to please anyone
    • After getting a renowned surgeon and his/her decision, it is also important you too to make your own decision


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