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We don't have much story to tell now, but we are determined to provide you with accurate and reliable information. The information that is going to help you improve the wellness and health of your skin.

And that is our aim. To let you: understand your skin, know which cosmetic product is best for your skin, and know the right diets for your body.

Here, at IY Cosmetics, we believed that understanding your skin is the first thing to spend on your skin. Because if you do not know your skin or understand your skin, you may end up buying a cosmetic product, which may damage your skin, while you bought it with the aim to improve your skin.

Understand your skin type first. Then, you will know the type of cosmetic product to buy that is going to be loved by your skin.

Also, at IY Cosmetics we believed that taking food is not just eating, but eating the right balance diets.

The inverse application of the above statement can be seen in people with related cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Because they take a particular food too much more than the amount required by their systems.

Though, we believed that there are certain factors like hereditary, which is natural.

But, don't try to put the blame on nature.
A person who spends reasonable hours in the gym and takes the right vegetables cannot be compared with the person who spent the whole day on bed.

Nature provides us with everything. What is left is to get the right information and apply the information at the right time.

           About Founder


Idris Ya'u is an entrepreneur, content writer, who is passionate about health and safety. He went to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he studies Botany. He served in different human right groups and health organizations during his school life. And he is presently advocating in different women and students organizations. Idris Ya'u focuses his career on learning and specializing in content writing in skin wellness and fitness.

Address: Makole, Dawakin Kudu, Kano State, Nigeria
Phone:  +2348061505971
Email: contact@iycosmetics.com

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