Body Mass Index Calculator

This Body Mass Index Calculator is integrated to help you find or calculate your BMI.

Knowing your BMI will help so much on how to plan your diets.

 Because BMI value is the value that is used by health specialist to tell whether you are underweight, overweight or obese.

And one amazing and cool feature about IY Cosmetics Body Mass Calculator is, after scoring you with your BMI status, it will go ahead to recommend you with some advice that will help improve your health.

For example, when your Body Mass index is slightly below or above the normal healthy
range, the IY Cosmetics BMI Calculator will comment with underweight or overweight, and also recommend you to start taking protein-rich foods for underweight and to stop taking sugary and refined foods when you are overweight.

In order to understand how to control your body mass, check the articles below and our definitive guide to cholesterol gain and burn.

How To Use The Body Mass Index Calculator:

1. Make sure your weight is in kilogram

2. Make sure your height is in Metre

3. Put the value of your weight in the space labeled weight

4. Put the value of your height in the space labeled height

5. Then press calculate

6. The calculator will score you with your BMI value

7. Use the comment section or label to know the status of your calculated Body Mass Index

8. Check the recommendations showed by BMI calculator to plan your next diets

9. If you need an in-depth guide on how to gain or burn body mass, check the articles below

Note: It is essential to understand that using this Body Mass Index Calculator is not going to serve as professional medical advice. Consult your doctor for proper checkups.
One thing I'm going to do recommend is, just because you are obese or having weight-related problems, don't go ahead to start taking pills and undergoing hazardous surgeries that may add another issue to your problems. Go for the natural alternatives you provide here or other genuine sources.
It is also important to note that the values of weight and height are rounded up to the nearest whole number, so the BMI value may differ from other BMI calculators.

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